About Us

I-source is a web portal created to provide critical supply market intelligence to drive procurement decisions. It offers suit of application sourcing tools that creates a platform for both buyers and suppliers to transfer and exchange information on goods and services. It provides a friendly and harmonious platform for buyers to engage in sourcing activities and for suppliers to identify and respond to business opportunities. The sourcing platform provides basic sourcing tools that will enable buying organizations to gather adequate intelligence from the suppliers’ market in order to make and take that procurement decision.

Product Firm

The application is designed, developed and managed by Hyve-logistics. The spend management unit deploys this application to facilitate all sourcing projects.

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Retailers can pick-up and order items directly from their distributors Inventory

For buyers in the retail sector, they can access their distributors inventory in order to communicate the actual specifications of the items.

Equipping the Buyer with the right tools to engage Suppliers.

Initiate the purchasing processing with a request (R means request/ X means quotation, information or proposal)
Purchase Order:
Place an order base on a competitive offer from a supplier
For projects with high investments and high risk
Event Management:
Get a safe and secured storage for all your sourcing transactions
Offers Received:
Monitor all offers received and make a timely response
Supplier Lists:
Build your database of suppliers

Equipping the Suppliers with the right tools to engage Buyer.

About Us:
Introduce and sell your business to the buyers’ market
Business Invitation:
Receive notifications of business opportunities)
Business Awarded:
Receive an order to supply your customer
Event Management:
Get a safe and secured storage for all your sourcing transactions
Pro-former Invoice:
Generate a pro-former invoice for buyer’s consideration
Sales Invoice:
Generate a sales invoice for a sales transaction
Payment Order:
Raise a payment order notification on goods purchased in the past
Stock Management:
Build an inventory of items that you deal in for buyer to access
Client Lists:
Build a database of buyers you have dealt with

Connect and explore the full benefits of


Increased sales revenue
Manage multiple orders
Reduced advertising cost
Access to larger buyers’ market
Access to multiple sales opportunities
Increased visibility in the market place


Minimized cost of sourcing
Improved purchasing efficiency
Access to larger supplier market
Monitoring and assessment of offers received
Highly competitive offers to drive purchasing decisions

Pricing Plan

Supplier Packages

  • 12-month free subscription for Early bird registration

Buyer Packages

  • 12-month free subscription for Early bird registration